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What are the worst steroid effects?

Any type of steroid can give various reasons for contributing to side effects of men and women. Both the genders must take the effects seriously. There are many types of steroids in the market today and some of them are stronger than the others. Some of these are designed to be used in treatment of certain medical conditions.

Side effects of steroids

Steroids are not a bad thing. Our body produces some types of natural steroids. These are mostly hormones and they give many of the similar effects of that of anabolic steroids. One of those steroids is testosterone. It is male hormone produced in the testes and provides men with male sex characteristics. Testosterone gives stronger muscles, sex driver and enhances physical abilities. Testosterone is not naturally a steroid, but some hormones leave the steroidal effects in men. There are some hormones produced and secreted by our adrenal cortex, and they too are called steroids and have several different functions. Some names to address them are aldosterone, cortisol, estrogens, progestins and gender-related androgens. The anabolic or simply steroids are the synthetic variation of testosterone. These are the anabolic steroids and are known as AAS. They refer to a combination of muscle-building effects along with the ability to increase secondary male sex characteristics. They also come with side effects in mild and severe form. For example, it can lead onto high blood pressure and cholesterol and also cause liver damage.

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Steroids leave a big impact on the physical and emotional condition of a human. The dangers of such side effects are present in men, women and teens. When you know the dangers of anabolic steroids, you must note that anabolic steroids increase the risk of the negative behaviors in our brain chemicals, and the pathways of these lead to synthesizing serotonin and dopamine. Studies have proved that with cellular changes in our body, we also start having behavioral changes. The use of steroids during adolescence can lead to extreme danger and permanent change in brain function.

Using caution with steroids

Steroids will have both benefits and drawbacks. It depends on the type of steroid and the milligram strength, and also where you buy the steroid from. The frequency of dosage must also be marked.

There is increase in risk as users stack or cycle the drug with more steroids, and there is an addition of different of its type. Some studies have shown addiction along with withdrawal symptoms. You must be careful about their results before you believe in any of the pictures of the drugs. Do no harm your body for temporary gains, as you might damage yourself completely. Some risks are not worth the outcome.

There is no doubt that the anabolic steroids are used for medical purposes, and it can provide numerous benefits to the users under the medical supervision. However, the dangers of the side effects must be monitored. From managerial effects high blood pressure and cholesterol to dangerous impacts like organ damage, you need to be careful about each move.

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